Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spend Time With Those You Really Love

"Do not let yourself be bothered with the inconsequential. One only has so much time in this world, so devote it to the work and the people most important to you, to those you love and things that matter. One can waste half a lifetime with people one doesn't really like or doing things when one would be better off somewhere else." - Louis L'amour

Isn’t that an amazing truth in this quote? How many times do you give an incredible amount of time to the “squeaky wheel”? Worry too much over something trivial? Devote time to an unimportant task?
When I find myself worrying over someone who has “rubbed me the wrong way,” I usually ask my guides or angels to show me why this is bothering me. Sometimes, they show me something in myself that I need to see. Often, they encourage me to “forgive and forget.” Both opportunities provide learning. And, when I’ve learned the lesson, it’s remarkable how this person will just rotate out of my life.
Also, when we focus on the people most important to us, we may have to say “No” to a few of the others. We may even have to say “No” to some of the ones close to us, in order to take care of ourselves.
Mr. L’amour makes it sound so simple…. spend time with those you really love and do what you really love . . . mmm, sounds good to me.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Focus on What's Right in Your Life

We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what’s wrong in your life, or you can focus on what’s right.” A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson

This is such a simple distinction to make regarding our lives, but it may be hard to do in reality. I noticed around the office just yesterday how many people are hung up on talking about their poor health, ailing finances, clunker vehicles and wayward children.Look at the sitcoms on TV: jokes are made about the mother-in-law from hell, the unemployed son and the problems with the crazy neighbors. When was the last time we saw a TV show about happy, well-adjusted people with no financial concerns and great children?And, yet, when we focus on what is really RIGHT in our lives, it makes our entire world brighter! One way I do this is with affirmations. I remind myself just how great I have it with a simple affirmation each day, such as: I enjoy a loving relationship with my husband. Or, I have many wonderful, supportive friends. I “tap in” the affirmations with EFT and they really last! (E-mail me if you want to know how to use EFT in this wonderful way!)

I also use gratitude to express my thanks for the wonderful people, situations and possessions in my life. Usually, on the way home each day, I turn on one of my favorite CDs and make a mental list of the things for which I am grateful. Then, my husband and I take turns saying “grace” for dinner, which usually includes saying “Thank you God for good food and a wonderful spouse.” Often, we add other phrases, sometimes in fun (like “thank you for crazy dogs that do crazy things”) and sometimes we add serious phrases (such as “thank you for a refrigerator which repaired itself!”) Once, I had a counselor who told me that he and his wife each express gratitude for 3 things each night before going to sleep. What a way to drift off!

Those of us who follow the Law of Attraction also know that what we focus on brings more to us. Focusing on “what’s right” in my life brings me more of what I love. I read one time that when we appreciate something in our lives, it’s like telling the Universe, “More, please!” I think this came from Esther Hicks of Abraham-Hicks. If you want to really rev up your life with what’s right and good, visit Esther and Jerry’s website:

Gratefully yours,


Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Course in Miracles

When I began my spiritual journey a few years ago, I heard someone say that if you hear about a teacher, a book or a course three times, it might be the Universe’s way of getting your attention. Perhaps anytime something is mentioned 3 or more times, you might want to make note.
Well, over the past 6 years, “A Course in Miracles” has been mentioned to me about 15 or 20 times. At first, I looked it up and dismissed it as a little too “new age” for me. Later, I picked up the book/workbook and marveled at how overwhelming the prospect of working through the 365 lessons seemed. Within the last few months, I’ve been told about the Course by at least 6 people, including close friends. I mentioned it to my wonderful husband and the next thing you know, Amazon had delivered a copy to my doorstep for only $5 plus shipping.
I immediately dug into the huge volume and read Lesson #1. I put it by my bedside so I can read it each night. When I got to the office, I looked on-line and found that you can read each lesson on one of about a thousand sites. I chose Oprah’s page with Marianne Williamson and I was off and running.
Now, I read the Lesson each morning from my laptop and then review it several times during the day.
At night, I pick up my blue volume and re-read the day’s Lesson one last time before going to sleep.
Although I’ve just started with the Lessons, I can tell that a shift is taking place. I am beginning to look at people, things and situations in my life in new and different ways. I can feel my brain buzzing after I read a lesson…maybe connecting new neural pathways . . . to where? Higher consciousness? My Higher Self?
I don’t know at this point. I just know that it resonates with me and maybe I’m ready for a different way of thinking and a different way of looking at my world . . .