Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Loving Others

Over the past six months, I've been part of a study group led by a Harvard Professor/Reiki Master and we’ve been learning about manifesting. He has taught us that V + E + R = M

V - Visualization
E - Emotion
R - Release
M - Manifestation of the thing you want

Along the way, we’ve learned a lot about releasing, which he says is the most important part of the equation. Releasing is that means by which we “detach” and “let go” of our desire for the thing we are seeking. There are many tools to help us release and I’ve used most of them:
Law of Attraction
Levenson’s Love Technique

When we learned about the Sedona Method, we were introduced to the creator of this method, Lester Levenson. He said some amazing things:

“This thing called love is your basic nature. All the love in the universe is in your basic nature. You will discover that happiness—your happiness—equates to your capacity to love, and conversely all your miseries equate to your need to be loved. Just love, love, love and you will be so happy and healthy and prosperous. Remember, you need to release your non-love feelings. Try it, you will like it.”

Well, one day in meditation, I got a very clear nudge to take a tablet and write down all of the positive memories of my childhood, my parents, etc. What? Did I understand that correctly?

I’m beginning to be very trusting of my Guides, so I did as I was encouraged to do.

I filled two pages with memories from the skateboard I received at age 11, to the new dress my Mom made me for the 9th Grade Banquet. It was amazing how many positive things I could remember!

And, in the process, I began to see my parents in a different way. I had worked so hard over the last few years, releasing my “non-love” feelings. Yet, now I had some positive memories to fill the empty space. It was truly wonderful and I felt such a loving feeling toward BOTH parents.

I highly recommend it! Just take a tablet and start writing!