Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Messages From the Angels

My husband Steve and I host these small groups twice a month. We call them "Messages from Spirit" and he connects with your loved ones and friends on the Other Side and gives you evidence or proof that there is life after death here on earth. I connect with your Angels and Guides and give you a short message of encouragement, support or healing.

I write out the messages for each person and read the message aloud as we go around the table. If a part of the message is too personal or might be embarrassing, I edit what I read aloud.

Last night, my angels suggested that I record in my own personal journal 1 or 2 sentences from each of the messages. Just whichever one resonated with me was to be recorded.

When I finished, I realized that these are beautiful words of encouragement and I shared them with Steve. Here, I share them with you, in no particular order. If one or two resonate for you, I invite you enjoy and leave the rest!

There is no need to struggle or punish yourself. Express gratitude every day for even the little things and see your life blossom.

Meditation will help you connect with YOUR angels and guides.

What makes your heart sing? Be that! What do you do that makes time fly? Do that!

Take some time to meditate and reflect and you’ll get lots of ideas in this space. And you’ll connect to Universal knowledge.

Positive thoughts bring positive rewards. Open to this idea and welcome new insights, blessings and friendships.

Let the good times roll! This is a good time to bask in all that life is for you.

Take some time each day to write. Journal your thoughts, fears and dreams.

Find something that makes you smile and allow yourself to enjoy, really enjoy these small pleasures.

Thank you, Angels!