Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One of these days . . .I'll get around to it . . .

Twice this week, I've heard or read about procrastination and how it is often tied to clutter. We hang on to stuff, papers, magazines and things that we INTEND to read or do some day.

However, we never get around to it.

One author had a slightly different angle on procrastination: "I may put off doing something that I don't love, but believe I have to do. Or, it may be something that doesn't align with my intrinsic values or my blueprint for my life." Wow, this is powerful. She went on to say that some of the things we put off doing, worked out really well. She wasn't supposed to do it anyway!

When I begin to look at things I procrastinate over, it becomes more clear. Usually, things work out in another sort of timing...a more Divine timing.

The author, Vanessa Wesley, worked with LaRue Eppler to pen "Your Essential Whisper," a book about your inner voice, your inner guidance or intuition. I have really enjoyed this book and am about half way through it. I am taking my time, enjoying the reading and the activities. You can get the book through Amazon or any bookstore. There is an on-line Book Club and website for the book, as well. Find it at:

Next time, I'll talk more about procrastination and clutter and how it involves control issues and fear.