Wednesday, October 13, 2021



The card I drew yesterday from the Osho Zen deck was #8 Courage.  Usually called the Strength card in other decks, it's interesting how this deck focuses in on "Courage". Key words are courage, calmness, quiet and graceful leadership. 

The image on the card is a flower, sprouting from rocks.  It rises to meet the sun, without worry, without thinking it is less than the sun. It simply grows and exposes its majestic self. 

As a seed, it doesn't even know that the flower is possible! Yet, it cracks open and sprouts, beginning the process of creating the beautiful flower. When the seed cracks open, it could be washed away, not get enough sun, be damaged as a young sprout.  A million things could happen! But, the seed keeps going, opening to the possibilities.

"When we are faced with a very difficult situation we have a choice:  we an either be resentful and try to find somebody or something to blame for the hardship, or we can face the challenge and grow." (pg 18 Osho Zen Tarot Guidebook)

"Don't be guided by your lizard brain," one guidebook for another deck says.  It also mentions a warning about giving in to self-destructive tendencies!  Instead, bring forward your strength and compassion and use these qualities for good. 

There is really no point to fighting life's challenges and nothing to be gained by trying to avoid them. 

 In order to become the flower I am destined to be, I must go through them, GROW through them and stretch to reach the sun . . .

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Crystals for Healing and Support – Petalite


Last week for my daily card draw, I drew the card “Petalite” from Colette Baron-Reid’s Crystal Oracle Deck.  I was not really familiar with this crystal, so I enjoyed reading about it. It's a beautiful crystal that comes in pink, white, gray or mixed colors.  Reminds me a little of Moonstone.

In Colette’s guidebook, she shared that Petalite supports us and provides:

“The ability to detach, the Observer, the impersonal quality of the Universe.”

“Petalite gives us the ability to step back and observe with detachment and neutrality.  There is a place within you that allows you to observe without emotion. See the world through the lens of acceptance.”

What if we were able to do just that?  Observe, with no judgment, no complaining, no overwhelm.  By calling upon the spirit of this crystal, we can step back and process what is in front of us and from that space, make a choice and take steps on our own timetable.

What if we are too close to a relationship?  Step back and observe the relationship between the two of you and pause. Sometimes, you don’t have to do anything.  Sometimes, you don’t have to change.  Just be patient.  Petalite can support this.

“Petalite is a stone that assists us in learning how to be the Observer.”

Another source talks about how Petalite supports the crown chakra and balances the pineal gland and both sides of the brain.  This helps us balance intuition and intellect.

My favorite crystal mentor, Philip Permutt,

You can meditate on the properties of this crystal, wear this crystal as jewelry or carry a piece in your pocket.  All are great ways to work with this crystal. I found a rough piece and a tumbled, smooth piece on Etsy and both arrived inside of a week.  


Finally, I checked my “crystal Bible” which is written by my favorite crystal mentor, Philip Permutt: 

“Originating in Brazil or Madagascar, Petalite combats clumsiness and gives you the courage of your convictions. Good for eyelids, eyebrows and muscle and joint flexibility. It can also bring peace of mind and spiritual connection to the Divine, angels, spirit guides and totem animals. Good for meditation, because it helps you stay grounded. . . and all psychic abilities.”

As I ask with EVERY crystal I love:  Where can I get a bucket of that?

Wednesday, November 4, 2020


It’s time for Annual Performance Reviews at my company and I dread them every year.  This year, the whole process went a little more smoothly and I began to question why.

Then, it hit me:  I’ve made a practice of journaling every day for most of the past year.  Also, in 2019 and some of 2020, I made it a goal to re-read A Course in Miracles.

A Course in Miracles or ACIM, as some people know it, is a channeled text that was published in 1976 by Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford.  Here’s a little about the text: 

A Course in Miracles is a modern-day program for healing the Mind, removing all judgment, learning to trust the Higher Self/Holy Spirit/Intuition, and coming to consistent Peace of Mind.”
–David Hoffmeister 

The Course was initially scribed and typed up during the years of 1965–1972 by two professors of Medical Psychology at Columbia University: Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford. With the aid of Ken Wapnick, Robert Skutch, Judith Skutch Whitson, and philanthropist Reed Erickson, “the Course” was published on June 26, 1976 (by the Foundation for Inner Peace) and has gone on to sell over 3 million copies in 25+ languages.

 A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a self-study program with a unique approach, designed to bring a consistent state of happiness and peace to the student through the application of its principles. These principles can seem radical and “not of this world.” However, this uncompromising approach is very effective for those looking to heal abandonment, victimhood, and any other seeming lifelong issues.

Following the intentional and careful structure laid out in A Course in Miracles leads inevitably to an experience beyond words. As the Course states, “A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary. It is this experience toward which the course is directed.” C-in.2:5-6 The simplicity of this statement becomes evident through the study of the Course.

The practice of A Course in Miracles can be like climbing a ladder. Each rung represents a new realm of understanding where beautiful pearls of wisdom have more depth the higher one climbs. Another simple, yet profound theme, from the introduction of ACIM:

“This Course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way:
Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.” 


Quite unlike any other book or study material I've ever encountered, ACIM really does meet you where you are and then takes you by the hand and leads you lovingly and patiently to a place of peace and a type of higher understanding.

You can buy the book from any bookseller or go online to read it for free:


There is even a site that offers an audio version.  I did that one year and started my day at my office by listening to the daily lesson.


ACIM has changed my life.  By reading and rereading the text multiple times in my life, I have come to an even deeper understanding of myself and divine truths that I can now claim as my own.

Friday, October 30, 2020


I was hemming a top yesterday, after I cut it off to make it shorter to hang better with a cardigan.  When I turned it over and saw the small stiches, I was immediately taken back to childhood.  A wave of love washed over me, and I had to stop for a moment.  Those hand stitches reminded me of my Mom and her loving care as she made 21 dresses each summer for 3 little girls. Later, she would make polyester pantsuits (in the ‘70’s) and later hot pants!  She made church dresses and graduation outfits and prom dresses.  She even made bridesmaid dresses for my sister’s wedding and two of my weddings. 

My mom and I haven’t always had a good relationship.  As the oldest of three girls, I was the rebel. She said that even as a little girl, I always asked “Why?”  I always challenged her and just about everything!  When Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code came out and she read it, she called me to say that when I was really little, I asked, “Mama, is Mary Magdalene Jesus’s girlfriend?” As a Southern Baptist, she considered such talk blasphemous. 

We argued a lot. I acted out a lot.  I got spanked a lot.  I got my mouth washed out with soap a lot. Yet, she made me 7 dresses every summer, just as she did for my two sisters.

I went to college and lived at home, so any time I was late or caught with alcohol on my breath, I was in BIG trouble.  It happened quite a bit, I’ll admit.

Do you understand that my mom and I weren’t close? So, when I saw those stitches and felt the wave of love pour over me, I better understood that she SHOWED her love in those stitches.  

In the loving care that went into each little school dress and later special dresses and outfits for precious occasions.   

And so those stitches remind me of Love.  Love that was hard for her to show me, but now I know that it was there . . .

Monday, October 19, 2020


A prior client and Reiki student contacted me for a past life reading last week.  She was currently struggling with shingles, yet she was determined to reopen her healing arts practice.  On the day of the reading, she wrote me to say that the pain was quite severe and asked if I would do the reading and send her the recording.

This was a unique request, so I ask my Guides and Angels and received a resounding “Yes!”

I set up my recorder and shuffled the cards.  I did the reading, as if the client was on the other end of the phone.  Rather than pausing for comments or questions, I channeled the reading nonstop from start to finish. I used my current favorite deck:  The Light Seer's Tarot. 

The reading was clear and concise.  The woman had been a young woman in Africa who had been shunned by her family for being “different.” She was adopted by another family, the patriarch of which was a town elder and a type of medicine man.

He taught her many things during her life and she taught him about Nature and the trees and healing people from the land. The young woman would spend hours in nature, sitting with her back against a tree, meditating and communing with Nature.   

It was an amazing reading and when I heard from the client later, she shared that she had always loved trees:  talking to trees, sitting with trees, listening to trees!

With some of the other information that was shared about that life in Africa so long ago, she now knows that she can use the talents, skills and qualities of that woman to help build her healing arts practice.

What can you learn from one of YOUR past lives to help and support you now?

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Call on Your Angels & Guides for Support


Steve had a client last week who was so depressed over failing a test multiple times.  He called me and asked if I could help the person in any way.

I usually do a 3 card reading for myself with either an Oracle Card Deck or a Tarot Deck.  I am currently exploring the Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne and have been pulling 3 cards each day. That day, I did my regular card reading and then I was nudged to do another reading, regarding another matter in my life around 10 AM.  Since I was away from my home office, I did the reading with an app I have on my phone that features the Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks.  I drew 3 cards, did the reading, recording my thoughts and key excerpts from the guidebook and put it away. 

When Steve called me, I instantly knew that the second reading was for his client.  I put the reading together in written form and took photos of the cards.  I also meditated and asked how I could be of service.

At 6 PM, I called the person and first shared the reading.  (I texted the photos of the cards, so he could enjoy connecting with the visual elements.) He was very open and especially loved the card that featured a woman who appeared to be enveloped in angel wings.  I was led to talk to the person about his Why?  “Why do you want to pass this test?  What will it mean to you and how will you use the certification you will earn?

Our conversation lasted only 12 minutes.  Yet, I could feel the relief on his heart and mind.

I followed up by sending the info in an email from the cards that I shared:

4 of Scrolls – Wrapped in your angel’s wings, you are safe, you are loved and you are provided for. Recollection: remembering what you already know.

Celtic Owl – The Owl’s wisdom is yours, as you ask for a new perspective and open your mind to new ways of thinking. Quiet your mind and ask. Go with what you get. Don’t second guess. Don't change a single answer! Rebirth: A new opportunity is coming for you!

Wheel of Fortune – You’re at an important point in your life.  Recall past experiences where you were successful. Focus on that feeling and know that the Universe has your back.  Consequence: Success is yours! You’ve got this!


2.Spirit Animal (Owl)

3.Divine Assistance. 

Focus on your why . . . it will lead the way to success!

Remember we talked about our desires of the heart and how when God gives us a desire of the heart, He gives us a way to achieve it!  I truly believe this! You’re gonna crush it!

Recite this a few times tonight and again tomorrow:

I know I am blessed.

Life is an adventure.

The world is my oyster.

What magic and miracles am I open to receive today?

How does it get any better than this? 

His test was one week later.  He wrote both Steve and me to say that he passed! 

I love how Spirit works with my Guides and Angels and the client’s Guides and Angels to provide wisdom and guidance for our everyday journey. My guides had me do something I’ve never done before, so that I was ready for this call, later in the day. 

As my husband Steve is fond of saying, “You can’t make up this stuff!”

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Past Life in India Helps a Woman Claim Confidence to Open a Business


Channeled another incredible past life reading today!  I always love how Spirit shows up and gives you details of a past life and the information can support you both now and in the next stage of your life.

The person was shown a life in India in the 1400’s.  She was a wealthy young woman, who lost her parents and her family fortune in one fail swoop!  Another wealthy family adopted her and she gained two siblings and the chance to study and become a teacher. At the age when most young women would marry, she was presented 3 suitors and she turned two of them down.  To the third she said that she wanted him to help her build a school, which he did!  She did not marry him for 20 years! She taught and managed the school and helped hundreds of children.  Later, her niece was educated and trained to take over the school.  She made the most of a life that cast her as an orphan and then gave her a chance to fulfill her dreams.

When I felt into the energy of the man who would be her life partner and later husband, I felt “uncle” and asked her if she had an uncle in this current life, with whom she is/was very close.  Yes, she said, although her uncle passed away about 20 years ago. She misses him a great deal and loved hearing this.

She had a wonderful life and saw the confidence, fortitude and persistence displayed by the woman.  Interestingly, it was confidence that she was seeking to start a new chapter in her life.  She has dreams of opening her own business and now she knows she can.

She also met a Spirit Guide, who was a tiny fairy, with the exuberant energy of a 17 year old, ready to help her take a leap into this new part of life.  She was told to call on her Guide often and connect especially outside in Nature. Her Guide kept showing me her fairy-like self, energetic and ready to fly!

At the very end, we pulled a card for a Spirit Animal and she received Frog Spirit.  This animal guide asks you to clear out the clutter, move forward and take a leap!

I found it so interesting that I heard "take a leap" 3 times during her past life reading.  I told her: “You are SO ready for what's next!  So, claim the confidence, fortitude and persistence embodied by your past life self and go for it!”

I am always so grateful to clients for allowing me to read for them and share a tiny part of their journey. 

Go here to learn more and schedule your past life reading: