Friday, January 9, 2015

Destroy Root Beliefs . . .

I’ve had a situation with one of my teeth recently and have had a series of appointments. Each time, I leave the office and feel very angry and upset. Yesterday, when I met with the endodontist, I became especially upset and started crying when I reached my car.
Then, I drove directly to Sonic and ordered myself a cherry Coke!
What is remarkable about this?
As an empath, I was picking up on all of the pain and upset in the dentist’s office. I know that now. I also brought in some memories of my original visit to the oral surgeon a number of years ago. All of those old memories, the pain and the trauma of the original surgery and how expensive it was and all of that (beliefs around money and parents, etc.) was pretty overwhelming. I find it amazing that I was in Colleyville, on a street that I was unfamiliar with, yet, as I turned the corner on to a more familiar street, I knew instantly that there was a Sonic Drive-In a few blocks down!
As I drove home with my Route 44 Cherry Coke, I began to calm down. I became aware that I had reached for something to comfort the little girl in me. I can’t even remember the last time I got a Cherry Coke!
I was pretty calm by the time I reached my house, which was more than 40 miles away. My husband was home and I asked him to sit down as I related my “story.”
Then, I called a friend of mine who is a dental supplies representative and told her my story and asked for her help finding a dentist or oral surgeon who could help me. (She was very helpful!)
At the end of the storytelling, I was acutely aware of how I had told this story about my teeth for many, many years. It was almost a point of pride, sharing the trauma of the situation and the resulting oral surgery. Over the years, each time I would change dentists, I would get to retell the story, because the root canals are so visible in the Xrays that they take at each visit. I see now that I allowed this to become a part of my identity. And, I also see how I was limiting myself with this story and the retelling of the story.
For heaven’s sake: I felt the need to tell the story 3 times yesterday: to the endodontist, to my husband and to my friend. Talk about living my story!
Maybe I had to experience the story telling times three to bring it into my awareness!
Today, I looked up “teeth” and “root canal” in the Louise Hay book You Can Heal Your Life. The information on “root canal” really resonates:
Probable Cause:
Can’t bite into anything anymore. Root beliefs being destroyed.
New Thought Patterns:
I create firm foundations for myself and for my life. I choose my beliefs to support me joyously.
WOW! What a revelation. I’ve been dismantling so many things over the past year. Lots of old, limiting beliefs are being torn down, “destroyed” and released.

Some of my Access processes came to mind as I continued the releasing . . .
What energy, space and consciousness can I be, to be free of my past stories?
What stories of my past are trapping me from being me?
Destroy this now!

What can I do today to turn ME on, so I look to the future instead creating MY future based on the past?
And, what energy can I be to BE free of my past stories around wealth and money?
Allow this now!

So, what is perfect about me that I’m not getting?
(These Access Consciousness tools and questions open the door to releasing old thoughts and beliefs and allow healing.)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Freedom . . . What is it? What does it mean?

I recently took off 5 days in a row, after Christmas. I started the 5 days thinking: “I have 5 wonderful days of freedom. I can do anything!” I had plans to clean my home office, do some writing, put up the Christmas stuff, you know, the regular “after the holidays” To Do List.
Each day, I would awaken and say to myself, “5 days of Freedom ” and then “4 Days of Freedom,” and so on. On the next to the last day, I meditated and then caught myself thinking, “This is my next to last day of Freedom. I really haven’t DONE much.”
Then, I heard, as clear as someone speaking to me, right in the room with me, “PJ, you’ve been getting some Soul Healing.”
Yes, I played, I watched Christmas movies (yes, AFTER Christmas), I did a little shopping. I did some research for a new computer that I want to get. I had lunch with daughters and my brother and sister and their families. One day, I showered and hung around the house all day, wearing jeans and an old sweatshirt and no makeup! I made dinner for my hubby 2 nights! (He’s the chef in our family—I get delicious meals prepared for me most weekdays!)
Then, on Saturday, I had planned lunch with a friend. About 2 hours before our lunch date, I got a text from my daughter that they were heading to the vet with their dog, who was not feeling well. A few minutes later, I got the news that Belle was not long for this world. I quickly cancelled on my friend (who is a very understanding gal) and headed to the grocery store to pick up some items to make soup and cookies at my daughter’s house.
I am so glad that I was available to help out. The mood was somber and everyone needed a hearty, warm meal after getting back from the vet. (My daughter’s in-laws were visiting.) I made tortilla soup and had some warm bread and cookies ready in no time. I helped my daughter with some cleaning and laundry and the two granddaughters. I provided support during a difficult, heart-wrenching time.
As I drove home from her house, once again, I reflected on the idea of “freedom.” Maya Angelou’s famous quote, “I know why the caged bird sings” came to my mind.
Now, I know why. The idea of freedom has nothing to do with external circumstances or duties or busy-ness. It has to do with an inner feeling of freedom. . . a feeling that I AM free . . . free to be myself. Free to BE, not just do.
So many times, I feel stressed because of what I think is expected of me. True freedom comes from knowing that I don’t have to DO anything at all.
In fact, I can be even MORE free by resisting that urge to DO, to be busy.
That’s what my 5 days of PLAY was about. Learning about true freedom, receiving Soul Healing. Just chilling and relaxing.
The caged bird sings because it knows that its Soul is NOT caged. Because its Soul is already flying free. . . free to fly and free to BE.
I am free to be, where ever I happen to be. It is up to me to find that place of freedom within myself. Maya Angelou calls this her “Place of Enchantment,” and isn’t that a wonderful name for it?
Free to be me, free to be enchanted, free to be delighted . . .