Friday, March 23, 2012

See Yourself as Whole

I found a quote today that I had scribbled down a few years ago:

Those who see themselves as whole make no demands.

From A Course in Miracles, this idea is one of the pillars of self worth. When I am secure in who I am, I don't have to demand that you behave a certain way or give me certain things.

Have you ever met a person who was just easy to be with? Someone who made no demands. Someone who was happy to just "be" and allowed you to be the same!

Norman Brinker was one such person. I had the good fortune to work with Norman for about 6 years in the early 90's, during a major growth period in the life of Brinker International. One of my favorite responsibilities was participating in "test kitchen" roundtables, where we reviewed new menu ideas for the Chili's brand.

There would usually be about 10 or 12 people around a large table and we would try different "new" ideas. Lots of free-flowing comments and critiques! Norman was always very open and asked everyone for his or her opinion.

In my 25 years in corporate America, he was the only CEO with whom I interacted who portrayed a man who was whole. And, he treated me as if I was whole, as well.

This is the focus of a "holistic" view of healthcare,isn't it? In holistic healthcare (and note it's not called sickcare) we focus on the well or whole person inside and work with the client to bring out or reveal that part. In medicine, they treat the "sickness" and focus on what's wrong. In holistic care, we focus on what's right and re-establishing that basis of health.

As Carolyn Myss points out, we may not revert totally to the earlier condition. Given aging, that may not be possible. But, we can recapture our vitality and a sense of being that is, in some ways, better than our prior state of dis-ease.

So, begin to see yourself as whole. Because, when you see yourself as whole, new possibilities begin to present themselves. And, you also give others permission to be whole, as well.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Language of Emotions

I spend about 2 hours everyday in my car, driving to and from the office. Since I moved almost 5 years ago, I've listened to quite a few books on CD or my i-Pod. Recently, I listened to a live seminar given by Karla McLaren on emotions, after reading her book on Chakras. Yesterday, I received from Amazon a "real" copy of her book, called "The Language of Emotions."

After enjoying the 7 hour seminar, I knew I just had to have the book, so that I could really incorporate some of these wonderful practices into my life.

What would you say to:
* Feeling your feelings, as you feel them?
* Tapping into "hate" and seeing what Shadow material is to be found?
* Learning that "fear" is a natural emotion and is often tied to INTUITION!
* Getting grounded and letting Mother Earth take in your sadness, so that you can
live in joy?

These are just a few of the concepts. It is a very comprehensive book!

Stay tuned, as I'm creating a workshop to share some of these processes.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I've been revisiting forgiveness this month. Why do we think that once we've worked with some forgiveness tools that "we're done"? Hey, I'm a coach, right? I SHOULD know better! LOL

I read a quote and reposted it on Facebook a few months ago:

"If you can't forgive and forget, pick one."

Wise words! Sometimes, we struggle with forgiveness, despite everyone telling us how good it is for the soul, the body, the mind.

One of my EFT Teachers suggests a strategy of forgiving just 1%.

She says, "If you were truly able to just let go of 1% of your anger, resentment and desire to punish, then you will be in a very different state of mind than you were before."

Allowing for this small change in your attitude allows you to entertain the possibility of opening the door to letting go of your resentments completely!

Dr. Pat is an EFT Master Teacher and I have enjoyed training with her. I use some of her techniques and EFT scripts in the forgiveness work I facilitate with coaching clients.

Maybe it's time I remember the 1% solution myself!

Write me and ask me to send you my free Forgiveness Toolkit:

It's a collection of tools and techniques that will help you forgive yourself and others who may have hurt you along life's path.

Happy Spring!