Saturday, April 5, 2014

So Long for Now

I lost a friend and client last week. She was a wonderful young woman, who was vivacious, intelligent, articulate and bigger than life. When she walked in, the whole room lit up. She had a throaty laugh like Joan Crawford or Betty Davis, but she when she talked, a tiny, little girl voice came out. She was an IT person by day, writing code and crunching products for a big corporation.

She was also an incredible artist.
Over the six years I knew her, she had 4 sessions with me. She did a past life regression, a coaching session and a life-between-lives exploration.(She also gave a past life regression to her boyfriend's sister for a Christmas gift!) Her last session was a new type of regression.

She called me and said she wanted to do another life-between-lives session. No one had ever asked for a second exploration like that before, so I asked if I could consult my guides. She agreed. My guides told me to regress her to a past life and then let her go to the Soul Plane, like in a life-between-lives session and then let her guides and angels take it from there.

I pitched the idea to her and she agreed. She filled out a short info form, to give me some questions to pose and then we set a day and time to meet.

Her session was one of the most beautiful sessions I have had the honor to facilitate. She literally flew to the Soul Plane. She loved her time there so much and the tears began to fall as she entered the energy of that space.

For the next hour, I posed questions or nudged her Soul and she shared some of the most beautiful truths about her life, her role "in between" and other revelations about her Soul. Later, my guides would tell me that I would do more of these "soul revelations" sessions with other clients.

When she went home, she wanted to capture some of what she saw and felt. It is the painting that is shown here. She kept saying that it was turquoise, turquoise, like she had never seen before. Then, she captured the essence of that color (and more) in the painting.

I hadn't talked to her in almost a year. I had no idea what she was up to. Because of her job, she posted rarely on Facebook and we weren't close friends.

Last week, she killed herself. I am really sad about her passing. Yet, I know that she is in Heaven, back on the Soul Plane, doing what she loves and resting up for her next incarnation.

Yes, she is in Heaven. I know this because of the work Steve does. There is no Hell and there is no purgatory. She is not STUCK or in Limbo. She went straight to Heaven . . . on a direct flight.... and she is painting and smiling and having fun. She is at peace. And I know that I will see her again, in another life.

Here's to you my friend . . . thank you for being in my life!