Monday, August 15, 2011

We went to Houston on Sunday for our granddaughter’s baptism. Avery Catherine Bench was born on June 8 and her paternal grandparents offered to host the baptism at their church. Her parents, Sara and Ryan, went down a few weeks ago and set everything up with the Minister, who is a very nice, friendly man named Steve. The 10:45 AM service on Sunday, August 14 was dedicated to Avery!

Ryan’s grandmother “Gigi” gave Avery a beautiful christening gown. It was white cotton batiste with gathered short sleeves and a beautiful collar and pin-tucking around the bottom. They are going to have her name embroidered on it, as well as the dates of her birth and baptism. Gigi also let Avery wear her tiny gold cross necklace for the day. Ryan’s mother had worn the cross on her baptism day, as well.

The service took place at St. Timothy Lutheran Church in Houston. The church is a contemporary design and featured a wonderful band and great music. (Music has always been my favorite part of worship . . . must have been a Gregorian Monk in a past life or something!) When it came time for the baptism, the two screens at the front of the auditorium read:

The Minister called for Sara and Ryan to approach the baptism font and Tyler (Ryan’s brother) and Meagan (our older daughter) accompanied them as Avery’s Godparents.

Avery was precious. She let the minister pour water on her head 3 times. After the 3rd time, Sara said she looked at her as if to say, “What are YOU going to DO Mom? This is enough!"

He dried her head with a towel and then put oil on her forehead. After he said a few words, he asked to take the baby from Sara. He walked up and down the aisle and let people look at her! I’ve never seen this done, but he and the congregation seemed to enjoy it and the baby was OK.

When they sat down, she squirmed a little and then began to cry.
Sara and Ryan left with her to go to the “Cry Room” and they
put a different outfit on her and she settled down.

Ryan’s grandmother bought Avery the most beautiful christening
gown. It was new and maybe a little scratchy. She felt better in
her pink and purple girly dress and bloomers. Sara’s dad bought
her some little pink shoes that were adorable. Gigi also let Avery
wear HER gold cross necklace. It was really pretty. I’m so glad
Ryan’s grandmother was able to come.

Our family enjoyed the honor of witnessing this blessed event!

Ryan’s parents treated everyone to a Mexican food lunch afterward.
Ryan's Mom, Paula, had a cake made in the shape of a Bible
with beautiful roses and Avery’s name and the date of
the baptism.

So, what are my thoughts on this special day? That life is holy and special and that we have a big responsibility to help Avery grow and learn about the Universe and her unique place in it.

Her tiny feet will grow and take her on many adventures. She is blessed to have so many people who love her and will be here to help her along her way.

She is growing up in an awesome time, with so many opportunities for learning and creating a truly wonderful life. I am honored to be a part of her life!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Real Horse Whisperer

My husband and I went to see "Buck," which is a wonderful independent film about the man who was the true spirit represented in the book and the movie "The Horse Whisperer." I love horses and my husband loves horses, so we were thrilled when we learned about this film. I wasn’t prepared for the roller coaster of emotions that I experienced!

Here’s what Buck’s website says about the film

This film, BUCK, was created to move people to make changes in how they deal with horses and life's challenges. Buck Brannaman is a true cowboy who has overcome tremendous personal odds. This film intends to inspire, motivate and teach through principles of respect, partnership and trust rather than anger, fear and intimidation.
BUCK, a richly textured and visually stunning film, follows Brannaman from his abusive childhood to his phenomenally successful approach to horses. A real-life “horse-whisperer”, he eschews the violence of his upbringing and teaches people to communicate with their horses through leadership and sensitivity, not punishment. A truly American story about an unsung hero, BUCK is about an ordinary man who has made an extraordinary life despite tremendous odds.

The film tells the story of Buck’s life in a very realistic, unvarnished way. He doesn’t whine about his childhood, nor does he make excuses for his father. He is a true example of turning our wounds into pure gold.

Here’s Buck’s own website:

If you are looking for a film that will uplift you and inspire you, go see “Buck.” It will be playing later in August at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth. Better yet, buy the DVD when it comes out and share this heartwarming story with your friends and family. And have plenty of tissues on hand!