Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here's to Tapping - Thank You, EFT

Over the last three months, I have participated in 33 hours of EFT Tapping Seminars. That's 33 hours of listening and tapping, followed by 99 hours of processing, journaling and reframing my life. (I'm just guessing that each hour of tapping takes about 3 hours of processing in some fashion.) Sometimes, I tap and tap and then go home and "veg-out" and then go to sleep. I think my guides work on me while I sleep, because I wake up and feel better and feel a deeper connection to my real self. Sometimes, I go home and take a sea salt bath and then come out feeling "cleaner" on all levels! Sometimes, I call a friend and talk about what I've processed. Each of these activities serves me in some way and I am learning to honor myself, regardless of the one I select on a given day.
Basically, I see EFT or Tapping as a way to clear out all of the past stuff in our lives. This can be in the form of hurt, pain, sadness, guilt, fear, and a whole host of emotions I haven't even listed here. You can also use EFT for forgiveness, whether it's another person or yourself you want and need to forgive. Forgiveness issues (or the lack of forgiveness) keeps us rooted in the past and we can't really live in the present. Once I have forgiven the person(s) or myself, I am free to live NOW and create more of the life I want to create. It's amazing the freedom I feel when I let go of past hurts!
So, here's to more tapping!