Thursday, September 27, 2018

Past Lives In India - Do You Have One?

On Sunday, I attended a play called "The Red Pashmina." It was an interesting study in past lives, reincarnation and how two soul mates meet again and again over time.

It began with a hypnotist bringing a young man out of a regression, as he sputtered and gasped for air. His past life included being thrown overboard at sea!

The play went on and on, through the ages in India. These two souls, one female and one male, kept meeting and then being separated by circumstances or other people. It was truly harrowing to watch.

When the hypnotist brought in a female client, I began to see what might be happening. Yes, her memories were similar to his memories and when a name was similar, the hypnotist had a wonderful idea.

The main theme of the play represented that we are bound to repeat old patterns until we become aware of them and make conscious change.

The dancing and costumes were so fun. I really enjoyed the play and the lesson it also taught in a very gentle and compassionate way.

Although I have seen 16 of my past lives, I have never seen one set in India. Perhaps I need to investigate this corner of the world and see what treasure awaits me.

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