Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was really sweet this year. We had a sleep over with our little angel, Avery, who is almost one year old. Then, we met our two daughters and our son-in-law for a great lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. I LOVE spending time with Avery. The love that I feel when she is around me is so wonderful. I only remember feeling that one other time in my life: with my maternal grandmother! When I went to meet my daughter to pick her up, she saw me and immediately started smiling and laughing. Her eyes twinkle! She knows me AND she loves me!!! How fantastic is that? Why is the love so strong and so wonderful? It is unconditional and so very pure, don't you think? There are no agendas, no "what can you do for me?" ideas hidden behind our relationship. There is just LOVE!