Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Angel Guidance for You . . . Take What Resonates

My angels have encouraged me to share snippets of the guidance I share with each person in our small group "Messages from Spirit," which is held twice a month. What I've learned is that sometimes, something resonates for someone else and it's OK to "take" that bit of guidance and apply it in your own life.

Here is one sentence from each of the 10 angel messages that were shared last night:

Angel Guidance from May 26, 2015
1. Some R & R is just what you need-maybe even time at the beach.
2. Take some time in nature and connect with your inner goddess.
3. Escape from time to time and share your knowledge with the world.
4. What will it take for you to claim joy and welcome in joy, love and laughter?
5. Let yourself dream big regarding blending your vocation and your passion.
6. Let yourself laugh and feel joy.
7. In the morning, step outside and connect with the nature spirits.
8. When you reach out to loved ones, suspend judgment and allow them to be there for you.
9. There is a joy in the center of your soul that wants to expand and light up the lives of others.
10. Let yourself walk outside early each day to center and ground yourself.