Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Releasing Weight - My New Heart Adventure

I remember being told in my hypnosis training five years ago that Americans don't like the concept of "losing weight" so refer to it as "releasing excess pounds." As Americans, we DON'T like to lose!

I get it, but at the heart of it, it is about losing something that no longer serves us, releasing something and letting go. Yes, it's all of those things.

Over the past 30 years, I have gained and lost 50 pounds twice and it's time to lose it again!

In a meditation last night, I was clearly shown how this weight has protected me in many ways:

childhood hurts & abuse
wounds by people I love
sensitivity to others
defensive strikes
loss & grief
fear & shame
anger & rage
lack of love

In an earlier meditation, I was shown the door to my heart. With Google images and a little help from Paint software and the addition of a door knob, the graphic at the top is a pretty good
representation of what I saw. Inside, I saw this beautiful little girl in braids, dressed like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, swinging in a beautiful swing, decorated with yellow garlands of flowers up and down the ropes.

My little self, my Dreamer Self says she is ready to help me “peel away the layers.”
“I’ll help you,” she says, “and then I can come out and play.”

‘It’ll be fun---you’ll see.”

She went on to say that we will know fun and fearless flying and a type of Friendship I have never known.

Another interesting image was that the little girl (who I knew instantly was me) had a “heart-shaped” face and wore braids, just like I wore when I was young. When I really look at myself and take away the bangs that I have worn since my 20’s when blow dryers came into existence, I HAVE a heart-shaped face. My “widow’s peak” and my cheeks give me a heart shaped face. I just don’t see it, because I always have my bangs.

The little girl was swinging, going back and forth and zooming very high up. It was as if she was flying.

I have a feeling we have many more visits and interesting journeys to take together, now that I’ve found her again. And, I can’t wait to release all of these pounds. I have a feeling it will be easier this time!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sheba, Wonder Dog

My dog Sheba is one of the most allowing creatures I know. When she sees me grab my keys, she immediately starts this little primitive dance and jumps and twirls like a ballerina or a Cherokee medicine man. She wants to go, so she sends out this positive vibration. She is not attached to the outcome; she just knows she is going!

With the Universe on her side, I can’t help but let her go with me, so I motion her out the door, into the garage. I open the car door and watch with a smile as she jumps over my seat into “her” seat by the window.

I have to put down the window just a bit as soon as I turn the key or she gives me “that look.” Then, she sticks her head out the window and begins to smile as we travel down the driveway and down the street toward rest of our small town.

For most of the places we want to go, I can forego the freeway and take surface streets, so I do. This enables Sheba to put her head out and enjoy the cool breeze and smells that are everywhere and not get her lips blown off! (Freeway driving can be hazardous!)

She will hang her head out the window for about a minute, then she brings it back in, shaking her head and letting her ears fall back down into place. She knows when she’s had too much wind and she ducks inside for a few seconds and then she’s out again.

Her smile would light up our entire town, if we could hook up a generator to her energy. She is happy, ecstatic and on a true spiritual high when she is riding in the car with me.

Sometimes, she turns to look at me as if to say, “Thanks, Mom,” and I feel her gratitude. Even more, I feel the love we share. Her love is unconditional and I am learning to return that unconditional love, even when she chews holes in her towel or drops mouthfuls of dog food on the carpet with no plans to eat it all.

Sheba is a German shorthaired pointer who is sleek and beautiful in her chocolate coat with chocolate and white ticking. I call her my “chocolate chip ice cream girl,” because her patches look just like that. We rescued her from a center up in Denton in 2004 and she has been a part of our family ever since. A few years ago, we decided (translation: I decided) that the other dogs were picking on her, so she gets to be the “inside dog” now. She sleeps on a towel on either the couch or the loveseat and graciously moves over to allow Steve and me to watch TV when we are home.

She sees spirits and alerts us when one of our relatives is visiting. Lately, she is seeing dog spirits and she finds this troubling. I have to reassure her that she is safe and Steve asks the Spirit to leave after a bit. Sometimes, I open the door and escort the dog spirit out of the house, so Sheba can watch TV in peace. (Yes, she loves our big screen TV, except when pigs, lions or particular animated creatures come on the set.)

She is my earth angel. I love her and I love the love that the two of us share. She can ride shotgun anytime she wants, except when I’m leaving for the office.

One day she was doing her dance on a Saturday as I was getting ready to leave for a client. I told her, “Sheba, sorry, but it’s not take your ‘Daughter to Work Day’ today. I’ll see you tonight.”